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General Information About The School


All subjects are taught in the English Language by fully qualified and dedicated teachers. The subjects taught include Maths, English, History, Geography, Science, Computer Science, Musical Appreciation, Arts and Craft as well as Physical Education. French, Chinese or Japanese classes are also offered as a second language from Grade Five to Grade Eight. The school mainly follows the British System of teaching to prepare and enable Tenth graders to sit for the IGCSE examinations for further studies. A variety of updated text books are used in all subjects.

Policy of Admission

A student transferred from another school is required to bring a report card indicating grade placement. However, a student admitted to the school will be subjected to a placement test and will be placed according to his age and performance in that test. Placement Tests made by the school is final.

Policy of Admission for Local Children

As there are many Myanmar students seeking admission to the Diplomatic School, the Board of Management set up a policy for admission. To ensure that the school continues to have a good standard of education with a limited number of students, the committee has decided

(1) to give priority to children of personnel from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. These children have had schooling abroad and thus wish to continue their education in the Diplomatic School.

(2) to admit children of Myanmar Nationals only if there are seats for them.

Tuition Fees

School fees are billed at the beginning of each term (January, Mid May and September) and have to be paid in advance. Occasionally students are asked to pay for the materials used in their craft work.

School Year

The school year corresponds to the calendar year and is divided into three terms.

First term                    – January to March

Second term                – Mid May to August

Third term                    – September to December

School Hours

The school opens five days a week from Monday to Friday. The school hours for younger children from Nursery to Grade II are from 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. School hours for students of Grade Three to Grade Ten are from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. All students are required to go home by 2:30 p.m.

Non-English-Speaking Children

A student with little or no working knowledge of English is sent to the ESL (English as a Second Language) classes (Junior and Senior) for English until the teachers feel that he/she is able to follow the lessons in a regular class.


Any children absent from school will be excused only by a note or a telephone message from the parents. Students are expected to make up for all the work that they have missed during any absence.

School Holidays

The school observes all Myanmar gazetted holidays and is closed for six weeks (Summer Holidays) from April to Mid May; for ten days during August-September after the Second Term tests and for three weeks after the Final Exam during December-January for Christmas and New Year.

School Activities

There is an Open-House meeting after every Term Test when parents come to discuss the improvement of their child’s/children’s academic achievements and their overall behavior with the respective teachers. Parents are allowed to see the answer papers of their children and in the lower classes, to view the work of the children throughout the term. A Fun Fair or a Fun Day is organized by the students’ Council once a year mainly for the enjoyment of the DSY children and also to give the Students’ Council the experience of organizing certain events. Elocution and Poetry Recitation Contests and Art Exhibitions are held at times.

Physical Education

The P.E Department has separate schedules for the Junior and Senior students. While there are two permanent staff  in the Department, one Myanmar selected Basketball trainer has also been recruited on a part- time basis. The P.E Department holds an annual Field Day for the Juniors (Nursery – Grade IV) and another for the Seniors (Grade V – X). Parents who are free on those days come to cheer.


There is a school library for children from K.G to Grade X. It is stocked with books of interest for all levels. The librarians-in-charge are always ready to assist the children in choosing books for reference or pleasure.


The school has computers with qualified teachers in charge to enable pupils to learn while having fun. Younger students learn the basic concepts and fundamentals of Computer Science while older students are taught system and application software.

Music Classes

Guitar, violin and vocal training are offered to children from Grade III and Grade IV during school hours. Higher classes are offered music classes after school.

Policy of Promotion

Promotion at the end of a given year will depend on the student’s academic achievement during the said year. In the event that the student fails to perform well in the final examination, his academic performance throughout the year will be taken into consideration. If his/her academic performance throughout the year is not up to the required standard, he/she will be denied promotion. All matters concerning promotion or otherwise rest with the Principal and the teaching staff and their decision is final.


No report card or transfer certificate will be issued if the student owes text books, school fees, etc. to the school.

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